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With Phuket International Law Firm, your case is our priority. Our partners and associates are committed to excellence, and have been successfully representing our clients since 2000. Take a look at our site to find out more.


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We have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations and offer a variety of services customized to fit your specific needs. Learn more about what we offer below.

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Phuket International Law Firm

An international corporate practice and litigation Law Firm found in 1999 with a base in Phuket and advising on Thai Law and legal matters, represents many of the nation’s leading companies in areas of commercial contracts, litigation & arbitration, real estate, condominium, project and infrastructure, corporate law, property law and all construction contract matters, all claims against asset in relation to family cases. Registered or non-registered marriage with Thai spouse. A number of Thailand’s leading business companies and international clients, expats have selected our attorneys to assist on matters requiring expertise in national dispute resolution.

Our attorneys have handled legal matters in provinces around Thailand and throughout Phuket, Samui, Krabi, Phangnga, Kaolak, Trang and Bangkok. Phuket International Law Firm has grown from its initial complement of eight attorneys practicing in Bangkok to 28 attorneys practicing in Thailand.

We speak English.

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Phuket International Law Firm Co.,Ltd.

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Our International Legal Service Provides:

  • Family Law /Custody /Child Adoption /Will

  • Divorce /Dissolution of the marriage, Pre and Post nuptial agreement

  • Business Contracts

  • Property Law /Real Estate (Property Due Diligence)

  • Corporate Law (Company/Partnership registration)

  • Notary Public (eg. certification for passport, signature, statutory declarations etc.)

  • Arbitration and Litigation (criminal & civil cases)

  • Work Permit

  • Immigration (Visa)

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Other Available Professional Services:
The Firm works with selected accounting and audit firms, reputable property agents, as well as other professionals for and on behalf of the clients. The Firm also provides lobbying works as well as governmental liaisons on the government and other related projects. The Firm offers a variety of management services on the property ownership, long-term lease and maintenance & utility arrangements on behalf of the clients.

Fees Arrangement:
We do normally charge our professional services on an hourly basis but flat or lump sum fees can be arranged. The fees do not include handling expenses and government fee(s), if any. We always require a 50% deposit prior to beginning the work.

Please contact us if you would like a detailed quote for our services.

Monthly and Yearly Retainers:
For extensive or regular legal needs, the Firm also offers monthly and yearly retainers to serve the clients as their legal counsel on any corporate and legal works affecting any business activities of the clients. We can also act as the local or independent directors for the clients or their corporate entities in Thailand.

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Making Notes


“Notary Public in Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi, Thailand”

We are licensed from the Lawyers Council of Thailand to serve International notary public services in Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi and through out Thailand since 2003.

Common law jurisdictions.

The duties and functions of notaries public are described in Brooke’s Notary on page 19 in these terms:

nys-notary public seal

Generally speaking, a notary public [...] may be described as an officer of the law [...] whose public office and duty it is to draw, attest or certify under his official seal deeds and other documents, including wills or other testamentary documents, conveyances of real and personal property and powers of attorney; to authenticate such documents under his signature and official seal in such a manner as to render them acceptable, as proof of the matters attested by him, to the judicial or other public authorities in the country where they are to be used, whether by means of issuing a notarial certificate as to the due execution of such documents or by drawing them in the form of public instruments; to keep a protocol containing originals of all instruments which he makes in the public form and to issue authentic copies of such instruments; to administer oaths and declarations for use in proceedings [...] to note or certify transactions relating to negotiable instruments, and to draw up protests or other formal papers relating to occurrences on the voyages of ships and their navigation as well as the carriage of cargo in ships.” [Footnotes omitted.]

A notary, in almost all common law jurisdictions, is a qualified, experienced practitioner trained in the drafting and execution of legal documents.[citation needed] (A notable exception being 48 of the 50 U.S. States and some parts of Canada.) Traditionally, notaries recorded matters of judicial importance as well as private transactions or events where an officially authenticated record or a document drawn up with professional skill or knowledge was required. Specifically, the functions of notaries include the preparation of certain types of documents (including international contracts, deeds, wills and powers of attorney) and certification of their due execution, administering of oaths, witnessing affidavits and statutory declarations, certification of copy documents, noting and protesting of bills of exchange and the preparation of ships’ protests.
An example of a notarized acknowledgment.

Thai-notary public seal

Documents certified by notaries are sealed with the notary’s seal or stamp and are recorded by the notary in a register (also called a “protocol”) maintained and permanently kept by him or her. These are known as “notarial acts”. In countries subscribing to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalization for Foreign Public Documents only one further act of certification is required, known as an apostille, and is issued by a government department (usually the Foreign Affairs Department or similar). For other countries an “authentication” or “legalization” must be issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the country from which the document is being sent or the Embassy, Consulate-General or High Commission of the country to which it is being sent.

Notary Public service from licensed law firm.

Thanassorn La-ied, LLM

Kannaphat Potcharakotchanun, LLM

Languages spoken: English, Thai

Authorized Notary Public at Phuket International Law Firm

Law Firm


Our Corporate Social Responsibility Information


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Phuket International Law Firm is committed to social responsibility and aims to give back to our society and communities. We continue to focus on employee participation in our voluntary programs in order to imbue all employees with a strong social responsibility commitment.
During the 24 years of operations, besides initiating our own CSR projects, we have supported programs and activities run by charitable organizations, both public and private, and have made numerous charitable donations. The programs and activities we have initiated or supported have focused on environment and society, culture and religion, youth and education.
In 2023, the firm continues to focus on environmental and carries on ‘Green City’ project under the main concept of promoting energy saving, pollution reduction and work from home with solar energy to reduce CO2 emissions. We start pet food donations to Soi Dog  Foundation, Headquater.



If you are interested in one of our services, have a comment or question please contact us. We welcome all of your comments, suggestions or offers. We will reply to your email shortly. 

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